Board Members

President Keryl Kris Reinke [email protected]
Vice President Diana Lee Hartman [email protected]
Secretary Trisha Bennett [email protected]
Treasurer Milton Decker [email protected]
Membership Director Milton Decker [email protected]
Exhibition Director Lois Langford [email protected]
Paint Rag & Website Diana Lee Hartman [email protected]
Public Relations Open
Hostess Team Cheryl Neuenkirk [email protected]
Hostess Team Nell Neuenkirk
Hostess Team Pranee Shaw [email protected]
Hostess Team Open
Video Magician Russell Wolvek [email protected]
Video Librarian Arlette Menard [email protected]

For detailed descriptions of Board Member positions and a list of our club’s Rules and Bylaws, click here:  SFVAC Rules and Bylaws